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Because cake is for life, not just birthdays!

Celebrating a birthday, anniversary, promotion, graduation, or your bestie finally kicking that toxic trash of a boyfriend to the curb? Honor the occasion by surprising them with a festive Vanilla Celebration Confetti Cake Kit in the mail! Easy to send and fun to receive!

Ready in minutes, this indulgent and festive DIY party cake is the ultimate care package to help celebrate momentous occasions from afar!

  • Vanilla Celebration Confetti Cake Kit
  • Everything you need to make a fun individual party cake in minutes!
  • Adorably packaged kit includes: Cake Mix, Frosting, Rainbow Sprinkles, ”Let’s Celebrate with Cake” Cake Topper, Festive Pop-Up Baking Case, Mixing Spoon, Water Measure, and a Candle for wish-making fun!
  • Easy to make! Simply add cake mix and water to the microwave-safe baking box and stir, bake in microwave for 60 seconds, allow to cool, top with frosting, sprinkles, topper, and candle, and enjoy!
  • Made in Canadian peanut-free facilities from the highest quality ingredients, ethically sourced from the United States and Canada, including Madagascar Vanilla and real butter and eggs.
  • Let them eat cake!

Celebration Cake Kit

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